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Innovation in tradition

In Cibiana the tradition of making keys dates back to the period of the Serenissima Republic of Venice. An iron mine in the valley floor supplied the raw material, the rich woods supplied the wood for the furnaces and the mountain streams, abundant cooling water. A lot of work was required in those days to produce a single object considered almost magical, being able to open doors and safes that hid secrets, goods and riches.
Today the production of keys continues with Errebi, born in 1949 from a partnership between some local craftsmen, since 1996 it is part of the international group of Altuna, European leader in the production of keys. Errebi production is now highly automated in all its phases. Starting from blanking up to a fully computerized warehouse.
Our challenge for the future is to grow by adapting to the times, transmitting to the new generations the ability to seize the opportunities offered by the market while maintaining a solid link with the environment and aware of our social responsibility is what we call innovation in tradition.

Customer care and technical assistance

The key has had a great evolution over time, taking advantage of the synergies of the group, we have expanded our offer by developing new high-tech products.
The careful planning and attention to an increasingly dynamic and demanding market has made it necessary to design and manufacture products with high technological content that require knowledge and assistance that we are able to provide promptly to customers and the sales force thanks to a learning and continuous training program.
Errebi is able to provide the customer with a complete service, using the most innovative technologies on the market and our know-how allows us to follow the fastest, most effective and economical way to always find the best solution to a customer problem.


  • SiFerr Fair - (Naples 11-12 May 2024)
    SiFerr Fair - (Naples 11-12 May 2024)
  • Machieraldo DAY 2023 - (19 November 2023)
    Machieraldo DAY 2023 - (19 November 2023)

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