Dakar UP

Semi-automatic key cutting machine for radial keys with electronic calibration.

The DAKAR-UP key cutting machine has great precision and is robust, this is characterised by the multiple possibilities of fixation of its clamps, without the need of adaptors or jigs.


More Details

Width: 350 mm.
Height: 460 mm.
Depth: 355 mm.
Weight: 25 Kg.
Motor: Single phase 200 W - 220 V - 50 Hz - 16.000 r.p.m.
Cutter: F1 (90° - 0,8 mm)
Taster: T1 (90° - 0,8 mm)
Cutter speed: V1 = 6.000 r.p.m.
Clamps: With two holding faces.
Displacement: Three axles with precision roller guides.
Tool courses: Axis X = 71 mm; axis Y = 62 mm; axis Z = 40 mm
Illumination: LED Diodies
Calibration: Electronic


Optional: Single phase 200W, 110V – 60Hz -8.000 r.p.m.
Cutter: Link: Guida_alla_Duplicazione_2018.pdf
Adapter: AD-MB (KB1, KB4)
Adapter: AD-MJ (JIS4P)
Adapter: AS-MKA (KB1)
Adapter: AD-MM (HF38, HF51, HF52, HF53, YM28)
Adapter: AD-MO (HF42, YM22)
Adapter: AD-TB (TB1)
Clamps: FIC-TUB

Video tutorials will be available soon.